• 01/01/2013
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Welcome to the restaurant El Carro 1

Opened in 1969, is located in a privileged place by the sea at the port of Calpe. In the restaurant El Carro I we can taste the traditional Valencian cuisine quality, from one from noon until one in the morning, without interruption.The restaurant El Carro I was born preceded by the success of the good work carried out for many years by Rafael and Denise. The tradition leads to modernity, the cuisine is based on the sea completely fresh, local and seasonal products. All dishes are United by the same common thread: the quality. The same quality also found in the cellar, with references chosen by its denominación de origen or its international quality. All of this is framed within the culinary favorite area for lovers of fish, rice dishes or seafood: the port of Calpe. Kitchen come dishes with a presentation Darling to detail, fish and fresh seafood, directly from the sea to the plate, elaborated with first quality ingredients by expert hands, as well as their paella and meats.The attentive friendly and friendly service, in charge of a team of professionals with many years in the catering sector, will surely leave a good memory and want to return soon to repeat.The Carro I is a select and elegant restaurant with an objective very clear: guarantee the best quality in all their dishes with an exquisite service.

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